Casual Army Green + Stripes

Hope everyone's week and weekend was good. I had a business trip this past week. After coming back home, I was super busy on Saturday and it rained most of Sunday so I was lucky enough to take these photos right at sunset during a break in the rain. I guess now I'm thankful for Daylight Savings Time...

American Dream Striped Top sz S, H&M Jeggings sz 2, Uright Cargo Jacket sz XS, 
BP Trolley Ankle Bootie sz 4.5 in Black Leather

So I actually got this plain striped top from Ross or Marshalls a couple years ago. It was a pretty soft material so I bought another one in burgundy as well, which you'll probably see at some point. Even though they're from Ross/Marshalls, they're some of my favorite tops for transitioning from winter to spring or from summer to fall. They're light and comfortable and were well worth the $13 I probably spent on each one. I wish I could link them but they're old and probably not sold online but substitute this top with any loose striped top and you'll have a similar look.

On a serious note, don't discount items from those stores if you're on a budget like I am. I have only been working for a couple years so at the time I didn't (and right now I still don't) have a whole lot of money to splurge on clothing. These tops aren't the best of quality, but they look and feel good and have gotten way more wears than they're worth. Don't hesitate to try those department stores! And in case you're wondering, I normally look in the juniors' section of department stores for XS and the occasional S that runs small.

Another surprise is that I actually got this jacket off eBay. Crazy right? K now you're probably thinking I'm TOO cheap but just hear me out. I think this jacket is pretty cute and it's actually quite thick and warm. I got this over a year ago when I saw it being sold as used but it was so cheap, I just had to get it. This was around the time cargo jackets were starting to get popular and I couldn't find one that I liked that fit well for a decent price. I know it's used and that seems pretty sketchy and even though this was my first used eBay clothing purchase, I don't regret it at all. After a wash, it was good to go and didn't really have any sign of wear and tear (the jacket is naturally a green/brown color). It seems to be a Chinese brand because I found Chinese on the tag which might explain the perfect fit. However, I can't find a trace of this brand anywhere online, reminiscent of brands I find from Ross/Marshalls/T.J. Maxx. I haven't bought any other used clothing items from eBay since, but I would definitely be open to purchasing gently used jackets or coats in good condition for a fraction of the price for new, depending on the item.

Yup, I'm wearing these H&M jeggings again. I chose these because they're a little long and they tuck into these booties well. Also, with such a loose top, fitted jeans just naturally look better. Again, I really love how these hug my legs.

I also love these BP Trolley Ankle Booties and totally recommend them. I know they may seem pricey--and trust me, it's hard for me to spend $50+ on shoes--but since it's really hard to find good quality shoes that fit my small feet, I decided to make the investment. I don't regret it at all. They go with practically everything, I can wear them in the rain, and they're also comfy for walking or being on my feet for a few hours at a time. The thick heel helps to make them comfortable. I haven't walked in them for a whole day straight but for hours here and there and they don't hurt. I also wear them to work but I'm mostly sitting at my desk then. So very happy they came out with these in a size as small as 4.5. They fit pretty true to size since I generally range from a 4 to 5 in shoes. 

Here's a fun photo we took when it got a little darker. We're still getting used to the whole fashion photography thing so bear with us! The weather is supposed to get better and sunnier later in the week so hoping for some daylight shots next time. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any petite striped tops or jeans/jeggings you'd recommend! I could always use a few more :)

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