Do it for the Blush

I don't have to tell you that blush is such a beautiful and perfect color for spring. I love everything that I own in that color and sometimes I just can't help but try hard to make it work for me. I say that because the two blush/nude parts of this outfit are actually a size down from what I normally wear. But I have good reasons.

Banana Republic Sweater sz PXXS, Banana Republic Jeans sz P00/24, Sam Edelman 'Felicia' Flats sz 4 in Classic Nude Leather, Michael Kors Crossbody (old), Ray-Ban Aviators

Starting off with the sweater, this is a sweater I got from Banana Republic Factory during their Fourth of July sales last summer. The blush color and the thickness of the sweater immediately caught my attention. Unfortunately, it was only available in PXXS when I normally wear PXS. I tried it on and while the length of the sweater falls perfectly on me, the sleeves are noticeable a tad too short. I admit, sometimes I wear the sleeves all the way down but I mostly wear them pushed up so you don't even notice that it's too small for me. Pushing up the sleeves makes the sweater perfect for the transition to the fall or spring seasons. Also, this sweater was only $14 down from $55 so really, how could I pass that up?!

Secondly, the nude flats (somewhat close to the blush theme) I found at Nordstrom Rack. Again, they were only available in size 4 and I'm normally a size 4 - 4.5. I have yet to try on a 4.5 but from the way a 4 feels like on me in this particular flat, I'm pretty sure a 4.5 would fit better. However, it was such a great deal, around $40 down from almost $100. They were just calling my name and I couldn't resist. The shoes do fit and they're not unbearable in a size 4 for me. Although they're a bit tight, I can wear them for a full day of work and be okay.

If you're wondering, I got these Banana Republic jeans on sale at the Factory store. I pretty much have gotten all my Banana Republic clothing from the Factory outlet because I used to live quite close to it. Although I've moved away, I still work close to the Factory stores so I may still go there from time to time. I got lucky last year and bought these jeans. They're a size P00/24. I'm really in between a 24 and 25 - my waist is more of a 25 but my legs are more of a 24 so it's difficult for me to find jeans that fit well. These actually fit well without alterations. However, I've gone back to that store to try my luck at jeans again and haven't had any luck. The jeans that end up at the Banana Republic Factory are probably subpar for the regular stores to sell so they're not guaranteed to fit consistently with every pair you try on. If you're going to shop at the outlet, definitely try on everything first unless you want to risk making a trip back to return!

Unfortunately this Michael Kors crossbody bag is a little old. I probably bought it around 2 - 3 years ago and is no longer sold online. It has been replaced by other larger crossbody bags in a similar shape and style. I also bought this one at the Michael Kors outlet for around $100 and it's held up great. It's black leather with rose gold accents and it's perfect for storing all my credit cards, cash, car keys, phone, etc. It's the perfect bag on the go when you don't want to drag a purse around. Wish I could link this one as I've been using it for the past few years and still love it just the same.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about how I made some interesting purchase decisions and chose to "do it for the blush". Sometimes, I just can't pass up a good deal. Let me know where you've gotten some good deals or if you've made something work that wasn't specifically your size! I'd love to hear it.

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