Dresses for Wedding Season

I decided to go to the mall to look for some dresses for this spring and summer since I definitely need to update the dress part of my closet and because my cousin is getting married this summer! I thought this would be a good chance to do some first impressions for those that are on the hunt for dresses for spring, summer, or weddings as well.

I originally planned to go to J. Crew, Loft, H&M, Forever21, and Banana Republic. However, J. Crew didn't have a petite section, and I didn't find anything at Loft. I also went to Forever21 but realized there was no point in going there because if I had shared a dress, it would be almost impossible to find online or in stores. I ended up skipping Banana Republic because after going to H&M, I was just pooped out. That is how all the following dresses are from one place: H&M. 

A few things to note: 
  • No, this post is not sponsored. I promise, this post is made up of my honest opinion; I just happened to only find dresses at H&M.
  • During this shopping trip is when I realized I'm a size 4 at H&M. I kind of felt I was in between size 2 and 4 but the dresses really helped prove I'm a size 4. 
  • Because my trip to the mall was spontaneous, I was unfortunately wearing dark undergarments and booties so please try to ignore that. However, the dark undergarments came in handy when showing how transparent the dresses were!

Okay, onto the dresses. First up is this very simple $10 fit & flare yellow dress. I'm wearing a size 4. I tried this dress in both 2 and 4 and 4 is definitely more comfortable because I was basically suffocating in a size 2. This dress is very light, flowy, and easy to move around in. It has a nice material texture and I loved the length, which hits around mid-thigh. It's a little see through as you can see my undergarments through it but then again, it is only $10. If you buy it in yellow, you might want to wear neutral colored undergarments and possibly a slip underneath (if it allows; it fits pretty snug). I saw this dress in black and white in the stores and other color/pattern options online. Just a side note, the dress was a little hard to take off because it's so snug but it eventually comes off. 

Moving onto my personal favorite, this gorgeous simple white dress for $50. Of course the store only had it in size 2 but if it was in size 4, I would've swooped it up instantly. It's the perfect simple bridal shower or engagement party dress or just dress for anything! If I was engaged, I'd buy it in a heartbeat for a bridal shower or something. It's beautiful. Very conservative neckline but at the same time fit like a glove so that it could be styled to look sexy. I loved it. And the gold zipper and details, not a bad addition. It was a great length hitting just above the knee. It was a thicker fabric with a raised/embossed-type of floral detail on it and wasn't completely stiff - it had a bit of stretch to it. It also had a thin slip attached underneath. Even though it was white, it was actually less see through than the yellow dress. You can't really see my undergarments in the photos which is great because I'm usually so self-conscious about white dresses. However, I'd still recommend wearing lighter undergarments underneath just in case. I really loved this dress because of the subtle detail and length. I would hope a size 4 wouldn't be too loose/big but just keep in mind I'm wearing a size 2 so not sure exactly how snug a size 4 would be.

This blue floral dress for $50 was my second favorite of the day. I loved this almost as much as the white one except the store only had this one in size 2 also which explains why it might look a little too tight on me. A size 4 probably would've been perfect. I really liked the low v-neck and the unique back. Keep in mind, I was wearing a normal bra underneath so it could potentially work with a normal bra despite the low front and unique back. The fabric felt thick and pretty good quality too. Not sure if you can see but the fabric had an imprint on it aside from the pattern; it's very subtle and I really liked that. Because of the thicker fabric, it really held its fit & flare shape better. This one hit right above the knee. I might've purchased it if they had it in my size. 

And lastly, there was this $50 colorblock dress similar to the floral one above, with a low v-neck and same back style. However, this dress is a bit longer and made of different material in comparison. I preferred the fabric of the floral dress to the fabric of this one. Because the material of this dress was thinner, it didn't hold the same flare shape as well and wasn't as flattering on me with its longer length. This dress went down to the middle of my knee basically. If you like the style and the length, I can see it being a good option though, especially for taller ladies.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the last three dresses online. However, if you plan on shopping this weekend or want to look for them, try to make a trip to the H&M store to see if you can find them there! I tried to choose more noticeable dresses that might be easier to spot in stores so good luck! I think I might even take a trip to a different H&M to hunt down that white dress... :)

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