Ivanka Trump 'Boni' Pointy Toe Pumps Review - 40% OFF!

I wanted to share my review of the Ivanka Trump Boni Pointy Toe Pumps because they are 40% off right now, bringing them to under $70! And yes, this is not sponsored - I just felt like sharing :)

Ivanka Trump Boni Pointy Toe Pumps (in Black, in Nude Patent)

My search for perfect black pumps for work goes back a few years but let's just say I'm glad I went on the search at Nordstrom with their great return policy. I started looking for plain black pumps almost 3 years ago when I first started working. I went through most of Nordstrom's black pumps that were in the ~$100 range, available in size 4/4.5, were a decent height, and didn't look like mom shoes. I tried Corso Como, Naturalizer, Vince Camuto. They all just didn't fit my foot right and I gave up my search after ordering and returning multiple times. 

It wasn't until a year ago when I noticed the Ivanka Trump pointed toe pumps within my price range. I decided to give the black ones a try and sure enough, they were a perfect fit. A good enough fit that I went ahead and purchased them in the nude patent too. Of course, being able to wear jeans to work most everyday and not having to wear heels, it took my feet some time to break them in and get used to them. But it's not too bad when I have to wear them. By the end of the day my feet hurt but my feet are really just not used to being stuck in heels all day everyday like other business women. However, the arch, the fit, and the height are perfect for me.
I also love that they come in sizes starting at size 4 - that's actually the size I purchased my pairs in. Unfortunately the black color is sold out in the smaller sizes and a size 4 is nowhere to be seen but definitely keep a look out! Hopefully Nordstrom will re-stock them. They also have black available in narrow, medium, and wide for some sizes so it's nice having so many options available at such an affordable price. I'm not saying these pumps are the pumps you've been searching your whole life for, but after some unsuccessful attempts at finding the perfect black work heels, these worked for me. 

This is not a sponsored post but honestly, I also highly recommend going through Nordstrom if you're trying to find the perfect shoe. Being able to try the heels on, walk around my house in them, and return them easily when they weren't the right fit made the search as easy as possible. Sometimes I would order multiple styles or multiple sizes online without feeling guilty about returning them all to the store later. It's really worth the extra time and effort to find heels that are comfortable for you!

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