SheIn Memorial Day Weekend Purchases

11:32 AM

I've been wanting a lot of affordable basics recently and haven't had much luck at the mall so I decided to turn to the SheIn Memorial Day Weekend sale. I really paid attention to measurements and narrowed down my shopping bag based on my measurements and how items might fit. Knowing based on measurements that items may be still be too long for me, I opted for the $1.99 return premium (note that swimwear cannot be returned so I went for safer swimwear choices).

For those curious, these are my measurements as a 5'0" petite:

  • Bust - 31in with a bra, 29in without a bra (for swimwear)
  • Waist - 26in
  • Hips - 31in
  • Shoulders - 14.5in
  • (Ideal) Sleeve Length ~21in
  • (Ideal) Top Length ~19in
  • (Ideal) Maxi Dress Length - 50in
  • (Ideal) Short Dress Length - 31in or less

Here are the items I ended up purchasing:



Don't forget to apply one of the following codes at checkout:
  • $5 off orders $55+ code: RFV5
  • $15 off orders $105+ code: RFV15
  • $40 off orders $200+ code: RFV40

If you want additional 6% cash back on your SheIn, use Ebates! I use Ebates to get cash back on most online purchases at major retailers. Feel free to use my referral link:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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